A Funny Story…Don’t Always Go with the Cheaper Quote!

27/10/20 09:45

Here at Magic Nick Surface Repairs we receive a lot of enquiries for quotes on surface repairs and UPVC spraying. We pride ourselves on offering a professional, reliable service with quality equipment. It’s for this reason that some people may choose to go for the cheaper option elsewhere. 

This month we received a text from a previous potential customer about a UPVC spray, asking us to come back to re-spray their home…

Confused, I mentioned that unfortunately they didn’t get back to me about the original quote and had probably (sadly) gone for the cheaper option.

They seemed to be adamant it was me who completed the works, however after a short back and forth, the penny dropped and an apology was given! 

This tickled us. We absolutely love our customers, we do not cut corners and always provide the best service possible for all surface repairs, UPVC and aluminium spraying. If there’s issues once the job is completed we’ll also be at hand to discuss what else we can do.

Lesson of the month: Don’t always go with the cheaper quote! 

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“ Fantastic work carried out, Nick is very specialised in what he does. I was very impressed with the money I saved. ”

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