A New Companion

26/02/20 20:47

Welcome to the first blog of the new series! Expect to hear about what goes on behind the scenes at Nick’s Magic Surface Repairs. 

Earlier this month, I visited a client who needed their cracked tiles in the en-suite repairing. I arrived at the property and before my client could even say hello, their very excited puppy ran out to greet me. Luckily, I’m a fan of dogs! His name was Brutus and we became friends throughout the day. While I was busy repairing the cracked tiles in the bathroom, this delightful dog was observing me the entire time. I didn’t mind being kept company as he was so friendly. Brutus would make a brilliant apprentice at Nick’s Magic Surface Repairs, as he was very patient and paid close attention to detail of the tile repairing process. 

Thought of the day: Your day can be made brighter with the right company.

If you need your cracked tiles repaired (and maybe a friend for your dog), then send us an enquiry today at  

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“ Fantastic work carried out, Nick is very specialised in what he does. I was very impressed with the money I saved. ”

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