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10/01/22 14:33

As a business owner seeing customers in your store, shop, salon or restaurant is an amazing feeling. Your overall space is crucial in creating the overall look and atmosphere that represents your brand, meaning that the pride you take in your premises is absolutely key. When your business looks great your customers are likely to shout about you and your services – appearance can be everything! 

As time goes on business premises pick up wear and tear, plus further damage to surfaces, furniture and fittings, which can be frustrating. We love completing projects working with local businesses, completing odd jobs, repairs and restoration works to keep your premises looking great. 

We were recently contacted by an amazing Bar and Restaurant in Warrington, San Lorenzo, to do just that! We completed a number of different jobs and pieces of restoration work, with our lovely client overjoyed with the results!

Our main cost saving advice to customers is to repair rather than replace, especially when it comes to key pieces of furniture, so we were super happy when our first lot of repairs were on a beautiful cabinet, chair and tables. We were able to fix the beautiful antique cabinet pictured, which had a broken sliding door, and also a huge chesterfield chair which had picked up damage to the door hinges on the lower base.

Another great way of updating the look and feel of this business was to restore the wooden doors, giving them a new lease of life without removing their original character, making the entrance feel a lot more welcoming for customers! 

We also give some TLC to the externals, cutting bespoke pieces of foliage panelling to line the terrace railings, creating a beautiful outdoor space.

Are you a business owner in need of a little repair and refresh to your building and furniture without breaking the bank? We offer both Internal and external repairs. Please get in touch, we’re happy to provide you with an obligation free quote or provide you with further repair advice!

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“ Fantastic work carried out, Nick is very specialised in what he does. I was very impressed with the money I saved. ”

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