How much does Paintless Dent Repair Cost

08/03/21 22:34

Paintless dent repair is becoming an increasingly popular service, as there is no need to fill or paint over any damages, keeping the manufacturers body warranty intact! We often get queries asking how much paintless dent repair will cost on people’s vehicles.

As a customer, we feel it’s important to understand how we evaluate your damage, and ultimately how your paintless dent repair quote is formed. The first thing to note is we’re unable to provide you a quote without seeing your vehicle. Examining your vehicle in our workshop gives us the opportunity to assess any damages under our LED lights, which highlight smaller dents and creases.

We use a paint-safe chalk pen to mark any damage identified. Once the damage is properly marked out, we take a price marked ruler to measure the size of the dent. We repeat this for every affected area, noting down the prices. We also highlight any wider damages that will also need repairing, for example if body contour lines have been distorted, they may need reshaping which is a job that requires a specially skilled technician.  

Other factors that can influence the overall price of the repair are if the damaged panel is constructed of aluminium, or if we need to remove trim pieces to access the panel from behind with our tools. All of these additional jobs can add time and cost to a repair.

Once we’ve assessed your vehicle, we’ll be able to provide you with a detailed quote and breakdown to help you understand the repair and the associated costs!

If you’d like more information about our paintless dent repair, or any other services please get in touch!


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