Magic Nick’s Top Dogs!

15/11/21 15:19

We love the work we do and take real pride in our surface repairs. Challenging projects are enjoyable and we and find it so rewarding when our customers are pleased with our overall finished work.

We’re often asked by customers if we’re okay working in homes with pets, we see this as being a huge benefit of our job. We love getting to know our customers but also all of your amazing pets! When we arrive at a job, we never know quite what to expect and have had the pleasure of meeting a massive variety of animals, birds and reptiles all around the North West.

From snakes and horses to birds of prey, we’ve seen it all and have lots of interesting stories to tell! 

We’re always wondering who or what we’ll meet next, but the animal we meet the most when on home repair projects is certainly our favourite, you guessed it…dogs!


Most dogs we meet get excitable and give us a super friendly welcome as soon as we arrive, which is a great greeting and instantly makes us feel relaxed. We think it’s important to take the time to get to know each animal a little before starting work… we’re encroaching on their territory after all, so it’s only right that we show them that we’re friendly too! After this most dogs are content to watch us work, with some of them even trying to help throughout the day.

Dogs make the best work companions, so we thought we’d share some of our favourite furry friends that we’ve had the pleasure of meeting this year! 

These cute bulldogs look like they wanted to get to work with us:

Say hello to this little Hungarian Vizsla:

This little chap was wondering what we were doing in his house!

This curious little French Terrier:

And last but not least...the cutest Yorkshire terrier:

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