Our top upholstery cleaning hack!

17/06/21 15:47

At Magic Nicks we often get unusual requests for fixes around the home & offices! We’ve fixed your bathroom tiles and chipped sink, tinted your car windows, your next question, you believe, is a curveball “Can you clean stains and marks from my sofa?!” Our answer is yes!

Fabric chairs and sofas can be a nightmare to get clean, you’ll know this especially if you have kids! There are food stains, grease marks and the odd artistic masterpiece drawn in a variety of bright colours (usually a great effort, that you would have loved had it been in the 10 colouring books you just bought!)

Most people have a go at cleaning this themselves using soap and water, a store-bought fabric cleaner, or more recently a strong smelling home-remedy that they’ve discovered through a Youtube blogger, or Tiktok star! The result is more often than not, disappointing and can often leave stains, watermarks or even damage the fabric!

For this sort of larger-scale upholstery clean our top tip would be to hire a professional to begin with! This is likely to save you money, time and a whole lot of effort!

Lucky for the people of Warrington and the wider North West area this is a service we’ve recently started to offer! If you’re looking for fast and effective upholstery and fabric cleaning please get in touch today!

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“ Fantastic work carried out, Nick is very specialised in what he does. I was very impressed with the money I saved. ”

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