Why Wood Surface Damage Requires Your Attention

06/05/22 15:12

Wooden surfaces are great for adding character and style to your home and have become increasingly popular in recent years. Wooden flooring, panelling, units, tables feature in most homes but are unfortunately prone to scratches and dents and damage. Usually this is the result of an accident or due to just general wear but it’s highly important that this type of damage is recognised sooner rather than later.

The natural reaction of most people is to leave damage to wood without repair, this is for several reasons:

1.They think the damage is simply cosmetic and isn’t worth addressing

To this we say: scratches and dents certainly aren’t pleasing to the eye but can also cause further damage. For example: The protective seal on the wood may be broken as a result, if liquid or debris get into this then the wood may weaken and split.

2.They think a repair may be too expensive 

To this we say: Repairs to wooden fixtures and furniture are highly likely to be cheaper than replacing the entire item. Plus, you’ll also get to retain the great character in wooden pieces!

3.They don’t understand that their surface needs refinishing. 

To this we say: Most wooden surfaces are finished with special protective layers that shield the condition of the wood from damage. When this begins to wear, surface damage can occur.

To keep your surfaces in great condition we’d recommend checking them over. If you’re unsure whether they may need refinishing, simply drop us a message – we’d be happy to advise!

If not handled and treated properly wooden surfaces can be easily ruined so for this type of repair, we’d always recommend getting this seen to by a professional as soon as possible.

At Magic Nicks Surface repairs we have the correct equipment and experience, making us fully equipped to deal with with these types of repairs, restorations and refinishes.

Need help or advice on wooden surface repairs?  Get in touch today – we’d be happy to help!

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