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07/01/21 20:14

We know the most frustrating thing in the world is returning to your car to find a dent, crease or scratch in the bodywork! That’s why at Magic Nick Surface Repairs, we’ve set up a North West warehouse dedicated to providing car surface repairs. 

Small dents and creases can be caused by car park dings, trolly bumps or stones. Luckily there is a fast and effective way of repairing these dings and dents, delivered by our trained technicians, known as Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). PDR - a is a method of reshaping the panel, meaning there is no need to fill or paint over the damage, keeping your car looking great, and more importantly the manufacturers body warranty intact! 

For further damages to paint and bodywork we will be offering:

• Scratch and scuff repairs and restoration

• Re-spraying

• Panel beating

• Our amazing colour-matching service

Now we know that with your car sometimes you’re after an enhancement, rather than a repair, and we respect that! For those wanting to enhance their vehicle aesthetic, add privacy or reduce glare from the sun, we’re excited to provide a window tinting service on all types of vehicles. In the near future, we will be looking to add car wrapping and detailing to our catalogue too!

We are pleased to soon be able to offer all the above services direct from our Warrington warehouse. Please enquire here for further information!

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“ Fantastic work carried out, Nick is very specialised in what he does. I was very impressed with the money I saved. ”

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