Hard Surfacing, Marble, Granite and Stone Repairs in Warrington, Cheshire

Providing all aspects of Hard Surfacing, Marble, Granite and Stone Repairs in Warrington, Cheshire by Magic Nick Surfacing Repairs

Here are Magic Nick Surface Repairs, our dedicated team are specialised in providing a repairs service for any hard surfacing in your property. Whether it is a worktop, laminate flooring, or any kind of stone surface, we can repair any damage that has occurred. 

Any hard surface in your property can be damaged by a number of things, the most obvious one being damage caused by physical contact. Whether you have a crack in your laminate floor or a chip in one of your worktops, Magic Nick Surface Repairs team are here to help you.


Laminate Flooring Repairs


Laminate is an excellent flooring technique. It is highly durable and holds up well to scuffs and scratches. However, like any material it can become damaged if enough force is applied. Our team at Magic Nick Surface Repairs, specialise in clearing up any stains, marks or dents on your laminate flooring. 

Most laminate flooring uses an interlocking system, which means that if the flooring is damaged in the middle of the room, you could end up having to replace the whole floor. Fortunately, at Magic Nick Surface Repairs, we use a repair method that can restore your flooring and will cost you significantly lower than having your whole floor replaced. Our technicians are experts and will carry out repairs that are virtually undetectable.


Worktop and Tiles Repairs


If your kitchen worktop or tiles have been damaged, our experienced team can get them looking as good as new again. At Magic Nick Surface Repairs, we can repair damages such as burnt, scratched, chipped, or cracked kitchen worktops or tiles. We are able to repair the damage without disturbing the surrounding area of the worktop or tiles. 


Marble, Stone and Granite Repairs


Damage to any stone, marble or granite surfaces is usually very obvious and unappealing to look at. It is widely known that these are very expensive materials to replace, but fortunately at Magic Nick Surface Repairs, we can help. To fix the damage we can restore, renovate and refinish the stone, marble or granite surfaces in your property. This can be done at a high quality finish for a low cost. 


For more information on hard surface repair services that we offer to call commercial and domestic properties throughout Warrington and the rest of Cheshire, call us today on 07925768534. Alternatively email us through our contact page and we will be happy to help.

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